The Perfect Dinner Party

Have you ever thought about whom you would invite if you could invite any group of six people to your house for dinner on Saturday? I don’t mean people you know. I mean if you could invite absolutely anyone.

I know my sons, who are teenagers, would invite professional athletes. Somewhere at the table would be sitting Jacoby Ellsbury or Jonathan Papelbon.

In my mom’s case, it would be a Who’s Who of daytime television show hosts. Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters are likely choices.

In my case, I can tell you exactly who it would be: Jerry Seinfeld, Kim Strassel, Steffi Graf, Larry Kudlow, Reese Witherspoon and Sue Murrey. Can you imagine the great information you could get from Kim and Larry? Then you turn to Reese and find out what’s on the mind of someone who is incredibly talented, hardworking and has her priorities in order. Then you have the chance to hear from Steffi, the greatest woman tennis player ever. And in between all this, you have Jerry making hilarious comments that have you falling off your chair. I can’t imagine a better time.

You may ask, who is Sue Murrey and why is she there? The answer is I’ve known her since seventh grade, and I have to have someone there I can relive the evening with every time we play golf.

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