Independent Again After a Nursing Home Stay

Once someone enters a nursing home it is not always easy to leave. While some residents may prefer nursing home care to living on their own, others would rather be independent. Residents who have been in a nursing home for a long time may have to start all over again when they move out. They may need help finding a place to live, establishing a bank account, making a home accessible and locating home care.

For residents who want to move out but need some assistance to live on their own, there may be help available. A federal program is trying to help nursing home residents regain their independence.

In 2005, Congress established a program called Money Follows the Person which is designed to make it easier for nursing home residents to move out. Illinois participates in the program which provides personal financial support to help eligible nursing home residents live on their own or in group settings. The amount of time an individual must reside in a nursing facility to qualify for the program is 90 days.Consult your estate planning attorney for further information.


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