Illinois Powers of Attorney for Health Care

The Illinois Power of Attorney Act includes provisions for powers of attorney for healthcare.

A power of attorney for healthcare allows an individual (Principal) to give another individual (Agent) authority to act on the Principal’s behalf as far as healthcare decisions. The Principal may specify when the Agent has authority to act on his behalf and when this authority ends; the rights, powers, duties, limitations and immunities applicable to the Agent and to all persons dealing with the Agent; and other terms applicable to the Agent.

There is no authority for euthanasia, assisted suicide or any course of action which violates state or federal law. A Principal can impose limitations on the Agent as far as when to withdraw life sustaining treatment, whether certain treatments should be denied based on religious beliefs or an instruction to continue foods and fluids in all circumstances.

Once a court enters a judgment of dissolution of marriage or legal separation between the principal and his or her spouse following the signing of the agency, the spouse is treated as dead for purposes of the Power of Attorney agency at the time of judgment.

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