Illinois Law and Will Copies

Once the Will is located, it should be given to the Estate’s attorney. Instead of reading the Will out loud (as seen on television), the Estate’s attorney will send copies of the Will to individuals who may have an interest in it.

The Estate’s attorney will send a copy of the Will to the Executor, the person who is responsible for filing for Probate, managing the decedent’s property and making sure the provisions of the Will are carried out.

The Estate’s attorney will also send a copy of the Will to anyone who is named as a beneficiary. If any minor children or incapacitated individuals are named as beneficiaries, their guardians will receive a copy of the Will. Copies will also be sent to the deceased person’s heirs at law — in most cases this is the spouse and children.

If the Will funds a revocable trust, the successor trustee of the trust is entitled to a copy of the Will. Once a Will is probated, it is available to the public and anyone can read it. For this reason and others, many individuals choose to have a revocable trust so that they can keep their financial and personal business private.

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