Estate Planning: Are Internet Wills Valid?

Although there are a number of valid form wills online or at local office supply stores, a lot of problems can come from creating a will this way without the advice and expertise of an attorney.

With a will that you download, you get a form and perhaps some instructions and choices for things you can fill in or cross out. However, this type of will doesn’t advise you on things such as how to prepare for if someone predeceases you or how best to leave property to someone who is a minor. It also cannot help you with your choice for a personal representative or a guardian for a child.

Although a will can be simple enough to create without the help of an attorney, bad or unanticipated things can come from making a will by yourself. It’s also incredibly important that the document be executed correctly or it likely won’t be considered valid.

You may save some money with the creation of your will by filling out a downloadable form, but it may cost your loved ones much more after you have passed away. Poorly drafted wills can create huge problems, and it is almost always easier (and often less expensive) to avoid a problem than to have to solve it later.

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