Elder Care Managers in Illinois

Elder care managers evaluate the needs of an older individual. Often care issues have been over looked. For example, 12 million Americans live with chronic pulmonary disease, 1.5 million have Parkinson’s disease and researchers estimate that by 2050, 13.2 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease.

Care managers meet with individuals at their homes and get a feel for the personal and medical considerations which should be taken into account. If the individual has special health care funding requirements now or in the future, care managers have first hand knowledge and are in a position to accurately project future cash needs.

Because many children live far from their elderly parents, elder care managers provide independent evaluations and send their findings in a report to the children. This gives the children peace of mind knowing that an independent evaluator with no ties to local siblings, institutions or medical providers is generating the report.

ElderCareSolutions, Inc. provides care managers and serves the Chicago area. It is based in Naperville, Illinois.

Contact your elder law attorney for more information.

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