Divorce on the farm: Fact sheet series addresses family law issues in agriculture

Divorces that occur in farm and ranch families present challenges that are unique and that can impact agricultural operations. The National Agricultural Law Center has published a fact sheet series that explains family law in agriculture and addresses some of these unique challenges.

“Family Law Issues in Agriculture” is a set of fact sheets addressing legal issues for families going through divorce and separation – issues such as child support, spousal maintenance, equitable distribution, and community property. It also covers nuptial agreements, estate planning concerns, and tools for alternative dispute resolution.

This series is written by Cari Rincker, the principal attorney at Rincker Law, PLLC, a nationally recognized practice that focuses on food, farm, and family law. Rincker is a trained mediator and adjunct professor at Vermont Law School and the University of Illinois School of Law.

“When farm and ranch families think of the Big D’s that can harm their agriculture operation they focus on Death and Destruction but oftentimes forget about Divorce,” says Rinker. “Family law touches upon every socio-economic group and walk of life, including those involved in food and agriculture and multi-generational farm families. Every farm and ranch divorce is as diverse as each family itself but it can include complex legal issues that are unique to farmers and ranchers.”

The fact sheet series can be found at http://bit.ly/2QFesPQ.

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