Common Terminology Concerning Older Adult Resources

Elder Law Attorney An Elder Law Attorney is uniquely qualified to guide you through the complex maze of public entitlements, estate and trust planning, tax law, probate, incapacity planning and nursing home rights.

Home Care Home Care encompasses a wide range of health and social services delivered at home. These services include skilled nursing care, rehabilitative care, custodial care, hospice and housekeeping services. In the appropriate case, services in the home can be supplemented by community services such as adult day care, where a person can be picked up and brought to an adult center for supervision, recreation, meals and community. Certified health care agencies, hospice, home care aide agencies, private agencies and individuals can provide home health care services.

Life Care Communities Residents in Life Care Communities are offered a full range of housing options from independent living to assisted living to a full-service nursing home, in order to accommodate changing medical and custodial needs. This option is excellent for those who “sign up” before there is ever a diagnosis of illness and who can afford the private pay expense.

For more information about these terms and other issues regarding older adults, contact a law firm that concentrates in elder law.