Checklist to Leave with Your Will

Leaving those who survive you an organized estate with accurate records will save time and money.

At a minimum, leave information regarding the following in a place where your heirs can easily find it:

• Your personal history including names, addresses and telephone numbers for yourself and all of your current family members and family members from previous marriages;
• Your military service including your branch and dates of service;
• Your employment including present employer and employment benefits (life insurance, stock options, pension plans and contact information for each);
• Real estate you own including copies of deeds;
• Financial accounts including name of institution and account numbers;
• Stocks and bonds held in brokerage accounts and the name and phone number for the brokerage firm;
• Automobile make, model and year and location of title and any loan information;
• Business interests including type and amount of ownership
• Safe-deposit boxes
• Insurance policies
• Funeral/Burial instructions
• Tax returns
• Wills
• Trusts
• Power of Attorney for Property
• Power of Attorney for Health Care
• Living Will
• Name and phone number for your lawyer, accountant and doctor
• Important friends to notify upon your death.

Contact an estate planning law firm for further information.